The Bible was written and compiled thousands of years ago. It’s purported to narrate the history of the world from the earliest creations to the spread of Christianity. However, just as how any newspaper printed even only a month ago already becomes irrelevant to society today, does the Bible still have relevance in today’s life?

They say that as long as people live, God is shaping and preparing them to play their unique role in the world. Everyone has a destiny that aims to bring glory to God – a purpose that He has allotted specifically for them. And in order to understand this unique destiny, people must start with understanding what the Bible has to say. Understanding His scriptures helps one understand the very reason of their existence. These writings perfectly define one’s purpose according to God’s plan thus helping them live their lives accordingly. Besides capturing people’s purposes, the Bible also plays other significant roles in people’s lives.

The Bible tells people who they are

People are living in a world that’s full of temptations, and people with ill intentions because of this, they have become very vulnerable to sins. However, reading the Bible and understanding its Scriptures can help people remember who they are – that they are God’s children, created in His own image – likewise, helping them keep away from sins. In a world where people are given enough freedom and power of choice, the words of God can keep them grounded, so they won’t always feel lost due to temptations.

The Bible also helps people treat others a little kindly. By reminding people that they are children of God, deserving of kindness and love, they can be driven to treat others similarly. Perhaps, reading the Bible can and will make people more respectful to each other, as they are seeing God’s image in not only themselves but to others as well.

The Bible reminds people how to live life

Since the Bible tells people who they really are, this can influence how they live their lives and their perception of their self-worth. Additionally, the Bible is also filled with rules that can help guide people to the right path. While the Bible’s culture is extremely different than the culture of today’s world, humanity is still struggling with the same issues such as pride, anger, greed, hate, etc. By reading the Scriptures, one can reflect and be inspired to live as how God had lived. Thus, influencing other processes in life, such as decision-making.

For instance, take Ephesians 4:32, “Be Kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” This passage can guide and encourage people to be unconditionally kind and forgiving to others.

Think of the time when you experienced a serious fight or conflict with someone. What did you do? Did any of you have angry outbursts which you believe none of you deserved? How did you resolve the tension? Anyone who’s unguided might find it hard in their hearts to forgive others or find it difficult for their ego to apologize. This can then bring more conflict than resolving anything. In comparison to how someone who’s had clarity and peace by reading the Bible would react and choose to resolve this conflict.

The Bible helps people realize that they’re not alone

As people live their lives in autonomy, it can be easily mistaken as the need or the demand to live in solitary. With this, people might unconsciously choose to carry their burdens by themselves, instead of seeking help when things become too heavy to carry alone.

In the Bible, people are introduced to different kinds of people living life differently. However, one common theme amongst these people’s stories is their realized need for help from not just others’ but also from God’s words and his guidance. Readers of the Bible can learn from these stories’ mistakes and lessons. More importantly, they can see how God shows up and guides these people towards the correct path in life.
Additionally, by reading the Scriptures, people can realize how the world is full of people like themselves that still need people in their lives for help despite being able to function alone. This then can help them extend helping hands to others when necessary.

The Bible can fill people with hope

In a world where conflict happens almost regularly and troubles fill most of the people’s minds and lives, it can be pretty easy to lose hope – hope in not just the world but also in themselves, and their opportunities to become better. However, reading the Bible and the stories of redemption and salvation within it can help provide people with this hope.

Besides the Bible, one can also read about other materials that help one understand the word of God better. Catholics Read the Scriptures by Bramwell is one good example of this material. This book is a commentary on Benedict XVI’s Verbum Domini, dealing with how the Catholic church should tackle the Bible. If you’re interested in reading this book, you can purchase it from Amazon. You can also visit Bramwell’s website for more information.

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